The leading brand of unique hair jewelry and accessories that will rock your look!

Fashionable hair accessories that transforms and revitalizes old looks in just minutes, and also keeps pace with modern couture. Hairbands are precise beaded and detailed handwork. Couture collection of unique designs made from high quality materials. Velvet lined to keep it comfortably in it’s place.

Mal día para tu cabello? – No más!

Pink Pewter es una línea de accesorios de moda para el cabello, hechos a mano. Son divertidos,
atrevidos y pueden usarse de muchas formas para crear innumerables looks con el menor esfuerzo.
Reafirma tu look o cambia completamente todo en un instante, tú decides.


Pink Pewter is a creation of an American hair- and fashion stylist Mireya Villareal.  It all began with one, clear-cut ambition: developing unique accessories inspired by the latest fashion trends.

“Put your heart into your product and what you believe. Try to make people happy and you’ll always be successful”
– Mireya Villarreal, Founder and Designer : Pink Pewter


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Pink Pewter is well suited as selling product for hairdressing salons!

Because of the high demand of hairstyling headbands we are continuously increasing our dealer network. So, if you are interested, please contact us!

Pink Pewter es un producto exitosamente vendido en los salones de belleza.

Quieres ofrecer a tus clientes algo nuevo? Algo que las ayude a transformar y revitalizar su apariencia en cuestión de minutos? Pink Pewter te ofrece unos accesorios fantásticos, adictivos y de alta moda. Tu clientela vendrá una y otra vez en busca de nuevos modelos.

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